About Lifestyle Mobility

Lifestyle Mobility Ltd was formed in 2008 after a family member who was finding driving more

difficult decided to try a mobility scooter, as he rarely went far from home

He experienced some difficulties in selecting a mobility scooter. He found suitable scooters to be very highly priced. Those he wanted were unaffordable, whilst those he could afford did not suit.

To help our family member we surveyed the market by asking everyone whom we came across riding a
scooter, about his or her experiences. This painted a big picture.

The most important factor to come out of the survey was the necessity to provide mobility that matches desired lifestyle at an affordable price. These exasperations meant that peoples Lifestyles were being curtailed by the under performance of their machines.

Our goal was to provide affordable mobility that overcame the above. To do so we have:

  • Sourced what we believed to be the finest scooters available from one of the world’s largest manufacturers.
  • Imported machines direct and utilised our own warehouse facilities.
  • Offered them direct to the end users at Wholesale Prices.
  • Sold through the Internet.
  • Provided high-powered, super comfortable, large machines, all having European and USA Test Certificates.
  • Provided all extras as standard, other scooters providers charge for extras.
  • Provided free trials at Customers premises.
  • Provided free delivery and customization within the greater Auckland Area.
  • Provided extensive warranties and Roadside Assistance.

We source the finest mobility scooters available from one of the world’s largest manufacturers. We Import direct and utilise our own warehouse facilities to offer mobility scooters direct to the end users at wholesale prices.